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Ensuring that we get the right equipment for your studio, set, location, or concert is essential. Listed below is an entire repertoire of all gear you can expect.



Sound Devices MixPre 10 II (10-Channel / 12-Track)
Sound Devices MixPre 6 (6-Channel / 8-Track)

Boom/Shotgun Mics

Rode NTG5 (x1)
Indoor Boom Mics: Oktava MK-012 Hypercardioid & Cardioid (x2)
Wind protection for all microphones

Lavalier Mics

Sanken COS-11D (x5), DPA 4160 (x1)
Wireless System: Sony UWP-D11 Wireless Tx & Rx (x2)
Sony UTX-P40 Wireless Boom (1), Sennheiser G4 wireless System (x2)
Timecode: UltraSync One (x4), IFB: VocoPro 16-Channel UHF Wireless (x2)


Voiceover Mics

Lewitt LTC 440 Pure (x1), Aston Spirit (x1), Oktava MK-101 (x1)
Mobile/Portable Vocal Booth, arsenal of cables, batteries and lav expendables
Auray 12 ft. Internal Cable Boompole, Rode 10 ft. Boompole Pro, C-Stands,
K-Tek Stingray Bag, Sound Cart, Novation Launch Control XL, Clapboard


Musical Instrument Mics
sE Electronics V7 (x2), Sennheiser e906 (x1) Sennheiser e602 (x1),
Earthworks DM20 (x1), Audix D6 (x1), AKG C1000 S (x1), Crown GLM 200 (x1)

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